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C.O.A (Clean, Oil and Adjust

  • Piccolo is completely disassembled

  • The wooden body and head-joint are inspected closely for any signs of cracks or dryness.

  • Keys are unpinned, cleaned and re-assembled with new lubricant

  • Pads are cleaned and checked for wear and tear, and replaced as needed

  • Adjustments, felts and corks are checked for wear and replaced as needed

  • Keys are re-assembled on the body and seasonal adjustments are made. Left hand, G# and Trill keys are checked for the appropriate amount of play

  • Each pad is carefully checked and adjusted to remove any leaks

  • Key action is regulated 

  • Tenon cork is cleaned and inspected for wear or any damage. Re-lubricated

  • Head-joint received a new cork, and the instrument is thoroughly play tested.

  • Case is checked for proper fit of the instrument and re-blocked if needed.

This includes up to 2 pad replacements. Any more pads needing to be replaces are 

$15.00 for Felt

$20.00 for Straubinger Pads

Handmade Models start at $355

Pre Professional Models start at $315

1.5 Week turnaround



  • The Piccolo is first evaluated to check for mechanical integrity

  • Piccolo is completely disassembled, keys unpinned and ribs removed from the body.

  • All pads, cork kickers and felts are removed

  • Body and head-joint are thoroughly inspected for any signs of wear and cracks, including tone-hole surfaces. Oil is then applied 

  • Ribs are re-installed after polishing and steels are checked for proper fit alongside post alignments.

  • Keys are refitted to factory tolerances

  • Mechanical cosmetics such as scratches and dings are removed and polished.

  • Keys are assembled with new lubricant, new pads installed and leveled along with new kickers and adjustments.

  • Head-joint receives a new cork

  • A complete play test is performed  and minor adjustments are made to finalize the piccolo.

  • Case is checked for proper fit of the instruments and cleaned of dust.

Professional OH start at $995 and up

2-3 Week Turnaround 

Minimum Bench Rate: $45.00

Hourly Repair Rate: $90.00

Crack Repair

In the event that a crack is detected in the wood of the head-joint, it can be pinned and in addition a carbon fiber band can be used. This will vary from instrument to instrument. It is advisable to have the crack in the wood evaluated before repairing.


Re-padding of your instrument is done on rare occasions once the mechanism of the instrument is determined to be structurally sound and the tone-holes examined. If the mechanism and tone-holes of the instrument are in the proper condition to accept new pads, then this option can be made available to the player. This service also includes a C.O.A

Re-Pad rates start at $400.00 +

2 Week Turnaround

Tarnish Removal

This option is usually only offered when the instrument is in for an Overhaul or a Re-Pad. In these instances, tarnish can be completely removed by machine or by hand or a mixture of both. 

On some occasions, it is possible to remove most of the tarnish without needing to remove pads and kickers. This is done very cautiously by hand and can be time consuming, but I do offer this service. If you'd like to inquire about removing tarnish from your piccolo, please contact me to determine cost and options.

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