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Harmony flutes, such as the Alto and the Bass flute, are not the only flutes to fit within this category. This also includes:

  • G Treble Flute

  • Eb Soprano Flute

  • Bb Flute D'Amore

  • Contrabass Flute

And any flutes in-between.

A Clean, Oil and Adjust (C.O.A)  and Overhauls on these unusual instruments follow the same protocol as it's C-Flute counterpart. Although I do carry some pads for these instruments, I do not carry many. Because of this, a COA or Overhaul can take a little longer to ensure ample time to acquire the correct size pads for your particular instrument.


A Note on Overhauls and Cosmetics

Tarnish can be removed from most of these instruments using a silver dip or bath alongside some light hand polishing. Since these instruments are mostly silver plated, some of the cosmetics cannot be addressed without needing to re-plate the part or the instrument as a whole. 

Please inquire for pricing for your instrument.

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