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The flute, or any musical instrument, is the extension of your voice that speaks a whole different language that many can appreciate to listen to. Because of this, it is important to maintain that instrument as best we can to keep it playing at its full potential. Yearly maintenance of your instrument is recommended to keep the mechanism moving freely and pads from premature deterioration. This will also have a positive impact on the health of your hands and peace of mind. 

Minimum Bench rate: $45.00             

Hourly Repair Rate: $90

C.O.A (Clean, Oil and Adjust)

  • Flute is completely disassembled for cleaning, removing dirt, dust and fingerprints using both ultrasonic and hand washing.

  • Pads are cleaned and any pads that are torn/worn are replaced. Up to 2 pads included in the COA.

  • Adjustments, felts and corks are checked for any wear and are replaced if needed.

  • The instrument is assembled with new oil.

  • Pads are shimmed as needed and the mechanism is adjusted.

  • Head-joint receives a new cork and the instrument is thoroughly play tested.

  • Minor adjustments follow to make sure the flute is stable and playing to it's full potential.

  • Case is checked for proper fit of the instrument and shimmed if needed.

 Any extra pads needing to be replaced are

$25.00 for felt

$35.00 for Straubinger or S2 Pisoni pads

Handmade Models start at $465.00

Pre-Professional Models  $345.00 ​

1 1/2 Week turnaround


  • The Flute is first evaluated to check for mechanical integrity

  • The instrument is completely disassembled and keys are unpinned.

  • Old pads, felts, adjustments and head-joint cork are removed.

  • Body, head-joint and keys are placed in an ultrasonic cleaner to be cleaned.

  • Dents, scratches and other cosmetics issues are resolved as needed.

  • Posts and ribs of the flute are checked before refitting of steels and key mechanism where lateral and vertical play are removed.

  • Keys, body and head-joint are machine OR hand polished.

  • Tone-holes are evaluated before padding.

  • New Pads are installed along with new felt kickers and adjustments.

  • Mechanism is assembled with fresh new oil and adjusted.

  • Foot-joint and Head-joint are checked and fitted to the body.

  • A complete play test is performed and any minor adjustments are made to finalize the flute.

  • Case is checked for proper fit of the instrument and shimmed if needed.

Overhauls start at $1695+

2-3 Week turn around


Re-padding of your instrument is done on rare occasions once the mechanism of the instrument is determined to be structurally sound and the tone-holes examined. If the mechanism and tone-holes of the instrument are in the proper condition to accept new pads, then this option can be made available to the player. This service also includes a C.O.A

Re-Pad rates start at $600.00 +

2 Week Turnaround

Tarnish Removal

This option is usually only offered when the instrument is in for an Overhaul or a Re-Pad. In these instances, tarnish can be completely removed by machine or by hand or a mixture of both. 

Machine polishing is not always advisable because this method will remove metal from your instrument. This method is only recommended in serious instances where dents and deep scratches are wished to be removed by the player. 

On some occasions, it is possible to remove most of the tarnish without needing to remove pads and kickers. This is done very cautiously by hand and can be time consuming, but I do offer this service. If you'd like to inquire about removing tarnish from your flute, please contact me to determine cost and options.

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