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About ME

Professional Flutist/Piccoloist, Teacher and Technician

As a Technician

Victor has always had a fascination with puzzles and combining that with his love of music and musical instruments. He began to dabble in flute mechanics at a very young age beginning with his very first flute at the age of 12. The discovery of other flutes such as the alto and the bass only enhanced his interest in the art of flute making. Being self taught in this area, he read many books on musical instrument repair including his first book the "Burkart and Phelan Guide to the Flute and Piccolo". While doing his studies in performance at the Jacob's School of Music in Indiana, Victor had the chance to meet Mr. David Straubinger. He was a major inspiration and allowed Victor to take and complete the Straubinger Certification course. In the fall of 2014, Victor was offered to work for the world renowned company Burkart Flutes and Piccolos. There, he worked as a finisher for new Burkart Flutes and Piccolos, Repair Technician, lathe operations and CNC operations. In August of 2018, Victor made the decision to return to his home state of CA to be near family and friends. Here, he has decided to establish himself as a BayArea professional flute and piccolo technician. 


  • Straubinger Certified Technician

  • Burkart Flutes and Piccolos 



Victor J. Villarreal graduated with his Bachelor's degree in flute performance from San Jose State University in California in 2009 where he studied with principal San Jose Opera Flutist Isabelle Chapuis-Starr and Solo Piccoloist of the San Francisco Symphony Catherine Payne. He went on to pursue his Master's degree and Performance degree in orchestral flute performance from the Jacob's School of Music in Bloomington, Indiana where he studied with Kathryn Lukas. Victor has played  in the San Francisco Youth Symphony, Livermore Opera, Owensboro Symphony of Kentucky, Lexington Philharmonic, Columbus Symphony of Indiana, Metropolitan Wind Symphony of Massachusetts, and the Concord Symphony. He is also an avid flute choir performer on piccolo, alto, bass and contrabass flute with groups that include Flock of Flutes of California, San Jose Youth Symphony Avant Flute Choir, Metropolitan Flute Orchestra in Boston, Precious Metals Flute Ensemble (Burkart's very own ensemble and directed by him), Indy Winds Flute Choir of Indiana, VIFE Flute Choir in Fremont, New England Flute Orchestra, and Camellia Flute Choir in California.  

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